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Part Number : 16099.2



CONTA-CLIP’s GSM-PRO module offers a remote control and maintenance solution which allows you to monitor and control decentralized facilities. The GSM-PRO module informs you when the process reaches a user-defined status or limit value. Digital and analogue inputs values can also be transmitted via e-mail or SMS (text message). The digital relay outputs can be switched using an SMS sent from the decentralized control room or from the service technician. Thus the process can be monitored and controlled remotely.

Monitoring and controlling the GSM-PRO module is even easier when you use our iPhone or Android App. If you are using multiple modules and you need a complete overview of all modules in the field at a glance, then CONTA-CLIP’s portal software provides another helpful solution.

The GSM-PRO module features eight multi-function inputs. The input module may be selected as either digital (24 V DC) or analogue (0 to 10V), so that many different signal levels can be connected. A designated person or group from the built-in address book will then be notified with an SMS or e-mail message if a specified status changes on the input side. The software allows you to easily specify the notification status, the person or group to be notified, and the content of the SMS. You can also query the current status of the process or machine simply by sending a query SMS message. The query message can specify specific inputs or all inputs.

The GSM-PRO module features four relay outputs (four COs) with 250V/5A. The versatility of the outputs enables machine and facility functions to be controlled even when you are not on-site. The status of one or more outputs can be queried with a single SMS text message. An output can also be activated simply by calling it up when using the call-in function.



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