For the past 50 years, ConCab has supplied customers and distributors worldwide, primarily for the machine building industry, automation, electrical engineering and electronics industry.

Reliability, endurance and flexibility are the main features of ConCab’s products. ConCab think long-term, and their constant product quality, is an essential requirement for positive branding. This is what customers can rely on. ConCab ensure high quality by means of product development, and manufacturing plants in Europe (Germany and Italy).

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Highly flexible data, signal, control, feedback, sensor and power supply cables for use in all sorts of cable carriers.


Control cable

Control cable may be used as control, connecting, controlling or measuring cable. Control cables are suitable for applications with free, unrestricted movement and for installation in cable racks and trays.

Feedback and sensor cables

Cable for signal and data transmission in mechanical and plant engineering applications.

Lift cable

Cable with good mechanical resistance withstands heavy tensile stress and increased bending radii.

Single core cable

Cable for internal wiring of electrical appliances, for the connection of portable or stationary equipment.


Spiral cable

Cable with minimum space requirements for maximum freedom of movement - even under high mechanical stress.


Cable for linking BUS systems in automation and communication installations. Meet high standards in data transmission. The CC product range covers all available fieldbus systems. ConCab was instrumental in the development of the LON-BUS system.

Data cable

Interconnecting cable in (rapid) data systems for high and reliable data rates. Good protection against interference.

Robotic cables

Cable for indoor and outdoor robotic systems and for systems without defined motion sequences.
Withstands torsion stress and may be utilized in flexible applications.

Sensor-actuator cables

Cable for wiring sensors and actuators to allow data and power transmission in various systems.

High temperature cable

Cable for high temperature environments.