CONTA-CLIP is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of electric terminal blocks. Based in Hövelhof, Germany, the medium-sized, family-run company has been producing electric and electronic connection systems for the process and automation industries for more than 30 years.

CONTA-CLIP supplies all industry sectors, focusing on railroad industries, shipbuilding, building automation, conveyor technology, machine and plant engineering and construction, instrumentation and control technology, control panel manufacturing, transformer manufacturing, and environmental technology. The company consists of three specialized branches: CONTA-CONNECT for electric connection technology, CONTA-ELECTRONICS for electronics and CONTA-CON for PCB edge connectors. Additionally, CONTA-CLIP provides services such as customizing housings and mounting rails, labelling and supplying user-specific electronic components.

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Din Terminals

One of the most cutting-edge screw connection terminal systems currently available on the market, the CONTA-CLIP SRK series combines all crucial innovations in the field of electric terminal blocks and exceeds even the most demanding quality requirements regarding stability, safety and easy handling.

The series includes SRK feed-through terminals and SSL protective earth terminals in single, double and triple level versions as well as SSIK fuse disconnect terminals. A very versatile range of accessories is available for all terminal types.

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The narrow housing of the new IRCU relays allows them to be used in very confined spaces. With their minimal width of only 6.2 mm, they open up new possibilities in designing control schemes. Their relay-terminal design makes them very versatile and gives you enormous potential for savings. Jumpers and partitions are also available.

Mounts on TS 35 rail
Internal EMC coil circuitry and LED display
All-purpose use as coupling relay at PLC input, or in the output of the PLC for controlling actuators
Screw connection
1 CO with 6 A rated load

Similar to the IRCU version, the IRCPU with the fuse insert module can be used in all systems. It is unique in the way it meets the requirement that each coupling relay output can be protected by a replaceable 5x20mm standard micro-fuse within the available 6.2 mm width.


MFR-IRC timing relays embody a new strategy for 6.2 mm coupling relays. It also features the innovative receptacle for holding additional 5x20 mm SM-IRC fuse modules.

Base terminal and pluggable relay
Mounts on TS 35
Multifunction timing relay with eight time functions and four time ranges – configurable with DIP switch up to six hours
Output fuse module for individual standard micro-fuse (5x20 mm) available as accessory
Internal EMC coil circuitry and LED display
Pluggable cross-connection (blue, black, red) makes installations easier
Screw connection

KDSClick Cable Entry Systems

KDSClick is based on just three basic components ¬– frames, inlays and seals – and operates on a simple modular design principle: unlike conventional systems that require the frame to be opened and then screwed closed again to insert the sealing sleeves, CONTA-CLIP has equipped KDSClick with a robust, one-piece plastic frame that is available in four sizes for 4, 6, 8 or 10 seals.

The one-piece plastic frame allows a fast and simple installation. The foamed gasket ensures IP66 ingress protection even with painted or rough surfaces. Creating frame openings in the desired size is easy using four simple partition, T-shaped, cross and double cross inlays that are inserted with a distinctive click sound. This way, the cable entry system is easily assembled for different cables, wires, tubes and pneumatic or hydraulic lines and also reduces storage costs due to fewer parts. .

In order to accommodate different numbers of wires and various wire diameters, CONTA-CLIP provides more than 80 different seals. They are conically tapered to be easily pushed into the previously inserted inlays from the inside. At the same time, the seals can be easily removed again, e.g. when new or additional wiring is necessary. This ensures comfortable changes to the wiring, even for single cables, without having to disassemble the frame.

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