Lin Engineering

Founded in 1987, Lin Engineering began as a consulting company specializing in step motor applications. Throughout their history, Lin Engineering has continued to develop its capabilities in the areas of design engineering, manufacturing, and customer service. In 1991, Lin Engineering expanded its operations to include the manufacturing of its own hybrid step motors. Since then, the company has developed its product line to include drivers, optical encoders, spur and planetary gearboxes, and step motor drives.

The most common applications of Lin motors are for: surveillance cameras found in casinos and department stores; food wrapping machines; in practically every supermarket; medical equipment; eye surgery equipment; and other motion controlled products. Lin Engineering, Inc. is also thrilled that you will find their motor in the B-2 Stealth Bomber.

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eBook: Stepper Motor Basics

We often get a question along the lines of “What exactly is a stepper motor?”

To answer this question in detail, we’ve created this 12 page ebook to explain the basics of stepper motor technology. This ebook covers topics such as:

What is a step motor?
Advantages of a step motor
Basic features and construction
How does a stepper motor work?
Different windings
Current waveforms
8 poles vs 12 poles
Best way to measure step accuracy

Download Stepper Motor Basics here