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October 2015 Update


Its only 10 weeks until Christmas but we have still managed to squeeze in even more new products that we want to share with you, as well as a great promotion on some of our "warranted for life" SKB cases. Buy yourself or your partner one and stick it under the Christmas tree.

We have also added many more of our products and resources to our ever evolving website and on-line shop and have just joined the world of social media where you can now follow us and get our latest news.

New products available now

We have recently expanded our connector range with the new POWERLINE 400 Amp rated connectors from TEN47.

POWERLINE Industry standard single pole power connectors are designed to provide safe, reliable and quick connection of Cable to Cable, or Cable to Equipment, in electrical power distribution systems. Compatible with brands such as the original Litton Veam series, our connectors feature a unique clip contact removal system, improved finger proofing, easier mating and thicker wall sections on the mouldings.

Ten 47 POWERLINE contacts are retained by means of a spring clip design that can retain the equivalent weight of 100metres of 240mm² cable. The contacts are inserted from the rear and “snap” into position within the Insulator with no requirement for any Cotter/Dowel pin or assembly tools; cutting assembly times dramatically whilst providing IP68 protection and improved insulator strength.

Click here to view more information


We are pleased to announce we have expanded our Schrack product offering in Australia.

Cam switches, main switches and enclosed isolators, all manufactured in Germany and Austria, are now available. 

Our time-saving and cost-efficient industrial control systems offer a complete world of functionalities to control industrial plants and machinery.

Whether you require main switches, emergency stops, cam switches or control and display signals, our perfectly designed, ergonomic control elements offer high versatility and diverse possibilities of usage in all types of industrial applications.

You can find more information by clicking on the following links:

Cam Switches
Main Switches

SKB Transport Case Sale

With the Aussie dollar falling, U.S. made products are getting dearer every day. The good news is, we are selling some overstocked and discontinued lines from our SKB range of military grade transport cases at heavily reduced prices.

SKB is a world leader in their field, and their products are covered by a lifetime warranty! Hurry, this is a genuine sale of overstocked lines, some priced well below current cost and only valid while local stock lasts.

Over 150 cases are available, including the following……

Part Number Description  Was   Sale price 
3I-4214-5B-E Waterproof Utility Case. 1079mm x 368mm x 140mm  $    322.08  $    199.00
3R2217-10B-EW Waterproof Utility Case. 559mm x 432mm x 267mm  $    407.88  $    339.00
3R2222-12B-CW Waterproof Utility Case with Foam. 559mm x 559mm x 305mm  $    658.68  $    369.00
3R2222-12B-EW Waterproof Utility Case. 559mm x 559mm x 305mm  $    457.93  $    279.00
3R2222-20B-E Waterproof Utility Case. 559mm x 559mm x 559mm  $    642.84  $    399.00
3R2423-17B-CW Waterproof Utility Case with Foam. 609mm x 584mm x 431mm  $ 1,028.28  $    659.00
3R2423-17B-EW Waterproof Utility Case. 609mm x 584mm x 431mm  $    686.40  $    520.00
3R2727-18B-E Waterproof Utility Case. 685mm x 685mm x 457mm  $    724.68  $    399.00
3R2727-27B-E Waterproof Utility Case. 685mm x 685mm x 685mm  $    803.88  $    609.00
3R2817-10B-CW Waterproof Utility Case with Foam. 730mm x 444mm x 269mm  $    553.08  $    349.00
3R2817-10B-EW Waterproof Utility Case. 730mm x 444mm x 269mm  $    434.28  $    329.00
3R3025-15B-EW Waterproof Utility Case. 762mm x 635mm x 381mm  $    737.88  $    459.00
3R3214-15B-CW Waterproof Utility Case with Foam. 812mm x 368mm x 400mm  $    892.32  $    549.00
3R3214-15B-EW Waterproof Utility Case. 812mm x 368mm x 400mm  $    760.21  $    449.00
3R4024-18B-E Waterproof Utility Case. 1016mm x 609mm x 457mm  $ 1,039.50  $    589.00
3R4024-24B-E Waterproof Utility Case. 1016mm x 609mm x 457mm  $ 1,108.80  $    599.00
3R5030-24B-E Waterproof Utility Case. 1270mm x 762mm x 609mm  $ 1,419.00  $    749.00
3R5212-7B-EW Waterproof Utility Case. 1333mm x 308mm x 203mm  $    522.72  $    299.00
2R4417-8B Waterproof Weapons Case. 1124mm x 444mm x 203mm  $    711.48  $    349.00
3SKB-CAST1 R Series Caster Kit  $    392.92  $    298.00
3SKB-X2318-16 Shipping Case. 457mm x 356mm x 305mm   $    579.04  $    349.00
3SKB-X2415-10 Shipping Case. 610mm x 381mm x 254mm  $    696.91  $    399.00
3SKB-X2424-18 Shipping Case. 610mm x 610mm x 457mm  $    875.16  $    429.00
3SKB-X2828-22 Shipping Case.711mm x 711mm x 558mm  $    988.68  $    499.00
3SKB-X3722-21 Shipping Case. 946mm x 552mm x 552mm  $ 1,147.08  $    599.00
3SKB-X5030-24 Shipping Case.  1270mm x 762mm x 609mm  $ 1,569.48  $    790.00
3SKB-1413MR Trolley Case. 368mm x 333mm x 194mm  $    310.20  $    199.00
3SKB-1812MR Trolley Case. 467mm x 308mm x 197mm  $    382.80  $    219.00
3SKB-1818MR Trolley Case. 457mm x 457mm x 330mm  $    405.24  $    249.00
3SKB-1914MR Trolley Case. 483mm 340mm 219mm  $    393.36  $    219.00
3SKB-1916MR Trolley Case. 483mm x 406mm x 254mm  $    398.64  $    229.00
3SKB-2114MR Trolley Case. 543mm x 362mm x 225mm  $    415.80  $    219.00
3SKB-2417MR Trolley Case. 610mm x 432mm x 368mm  $    473.88  $    299.00
3SKB-2523MR Trolley Case. 635mm x 584mm x 356mm  $    575.41  $    359.00
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