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Say Goodbye to Junction Boxes

With the new TH624 current distributors (IP68) it is possible to create parallel power and signal supply lines, optimizing installation and maintenance times and costs


The range of Techno current distributors is enriched with the new TH624 which, combined with the TH387 plug-socket connectors, allow the creation of branches in parallel, replacing the traditional junction boxes.

Available in 4 and 5 pole versions, they allow electrical performance up to 17.5 A and applications up to 500 V in alternating current.Power and signal applications in general, and in particular lighting, low-voltage equipment, energy distribution systems for powering motors and submersible pumps, are some of the situations in which TH624 finds its ideal location.


Compact and robust

The TH624 current distributors consist of a central block with compact dimensions and considerably smaller overall dimensions than the junction boxes of the same polarity.

They have 1 input connector and 3 output connectors, which can be closed with special caps when they are not connected to the load or to the powered user. They are impermeable to water, dust and pressurised water jets according to the IP66/IP68 indications.

They also ensure high levels of protection from the aggression of UV raysresist chemical-environmental corrosion and wear over time.They are also available in the xDRY® version, which guarantees total protection from moisture rising through the cable.

Why you should choose them

Compared to junction boxes, current distributors are installed more quickly, as they do not require the provision of terminal blocks inside the casing and the wiring operations connected with this.

In addition, they simplify fieldwork, both for the first installation and for subsequent maintenance.For example, a multiple-sequence lighting system can be configured in plug & play mode.Thanks to the ease of connection and disconnection, they also facilitate the replacement of any faulty appliance: simply disconnect the cable and connector from the junction point, close the affected outlet of the distributor with the appropriate cap and replace the appliance.

In conclusion, Techno's TH624 current distributors make it possible to contain the operating and maintenance costs of the system, which are not always taken into adequate consideration, allowing a better distribution of the overall budget.