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The Classic Control Cable just got better!

Flexible control cables have traditionally been constructed with black conductors and grey sheathing materials, leading to problems reading the core number and little or no UV resistance. After decades of importing these cables, we decided it’s time for a change!

Our newly developed range of flexible control cables, feature a black outer sheath providing maximum UV resistance. White insulation with high contrast black numbers make identifying the conductor much easier, particularly in low light conditions such as those experienced inside control cabinets, and machines. We have also placed the numbers at approx. 25mm intervals rather than the traditional 100-200mm spacing, meaning you don’t need to strip as much outer sheath to identify the cores.

Other features of these cables include; oil and flame resistant PVC materials, class 5 flexible copper conductors, and a bending radius as small as 4x the cable diameter! Metre marking, high flexibility, UV resistance, and a temperature range of -40ºC to +80ºC makes this cable an impressive all-rounder, suitable for a multitude of applications!

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