About Us

Welcome to Switches Plus, your Industrial electrical solution provider.  We have built our business on our the objective of saving you time and money. 

With a large inventory, a solution for your application is readily available. We work with leading global suppliers with an emphasis on high quality and reliability. We work with predominately European manufacturers along with factories in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and the United States. We pride ourselves on reliable supply with a smooth delivery.  So you can relax.

We are all technically qualified and tend to know exactly what you are talking about, be able to relate to you what you need, and supply the most appropriate product solutions at competitive prices. Because we will quickly assist you with your needs, it means you will have more free time to do the truly important things.

If your need is unique, we will find you a solution.  Problem Solved!

Shop with us and experience the difference.


Switches Plus Components was formed when C&K Electronics and Jesec Switches Plus amalgamated in 1997. This combined over 40 years of industry experience and made us the market leader.

In November 2012, Switches Plus was acquired by the current owners, Paul and Sherston Chaplin. Their personal passion for Switches Plus has transformed the business and set it alight.

Paul was an Electrician, who left the tools to pursue a career of selling the products he was using in the trade. He worked his way up from a sales representative to Managing Director of DKSH Australia Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of a large international public company, where he spent some 26 years in the industry. Paul brings a wealth of experience and knowledge with him in the areas of management, sales, and electrical products. 

Sherston is a qualified accountant. Her experience includes contributing to small, large and public companies, including Chartered Accountancy firms, Capt’n Snooze and Edwards Dunlop Paper. She brings with her over 20 years experience. 

Business Hours

At 242 Governor Road Braeside, our business hours are 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

We are closed on public holidays.


Quality Assurance

Switches Plus eliminates your purchasing chaos and saves you time and money when you purchase our goods.  We maintain a rigorous Quality Assurance programme, and as part of that, we require our suppliers to do the same. This means when you deal with us, you can be absolutely certain of quality.


Our Promise To You

  • We are, and will always be honest and transparent.

  • We will empower our customers.  We will pass on whatever knowledge we possibly can to you.  Because we strongly believe knowledge is power - so we share it.  Please sign up to our newsletter, so you too, can be kept in the loop.

  • We say what we mean and mean what we say.  We know no other way in business

Our Values

These are our top ten values.  We hire by them and we function as a company by them.

  1. Let our results in achievement and persistence speak for themselves.

  2. Be passionate and determined.

  3. Take responsibility.

  4. Create a little bit of fun amongst the seriousness of business.

  5. Bring not only logic and common sense, but out of the box thinking with a sense of curiousness to the situation.

  6. Embrace and drive innovations.

  7. Bring an insatiable hunger to learn and grow.

  8. Model excellence.

  9. Contribute to a positive team spirit.

  10. Show up with a willing and co-operative attitude.


Our showroom is at 242 Governor Road , Braeside.  No appointment is necessary, you are always welcome to browse our showroom and warehouse facilities.  If you prefer staying online, then you can visit our store, down load a catalogue, or keep our contact details for your next purchase.

Thank you for choosing Switches Plus.