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With over 200 combined years of experience in the cable industry, we have the knowledge and experience to help you with all of your cabling requirements. We stock a large range of industrial flexible control cable, H07 rubber cables, and V90HT building wires.




Cable management

We offer a large range of cable accessories and protection products, including Cable glands, in Nylon, and Brass, as well as EMC variants, that protect the enclosure from the ingress of dust and water, as well as strain relief, for the cables themselves. A unique and ever expanding IP66 Cable management system, for the safe transitioning of pre-terminated cables, hoses and pneumatic lines. Ferrules and quick connects for terminating cables, and drag chain and conduits to protect cables.



Switches Plus Components carry an extensive range of Cable Connectors for a large range of applications, including industrial duty, power and high current, hybrid, harsh environments, high IP ratings, square, circular, Mil-Spec, miniature, and more. This range is growing rapidly, and we are always on the look out for new and exciting connector solutions.


Control & Signalling devices

Our range of control and signalling devices include beacons, towers, and audible alarms, which are manufactured in Europe and USA.  Our M22 series of Industrial Pilot devices, combine modern European styling, with an attractive slim design, long life, and worldwide approvals. Palm switches, Joysticks, emergency stops, and cam switches complete the product offering.



Our stocked range of enclosures is vast and offers you the ability to house and protect your electrical, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic components from environmental conditions as well as protect personnel from equipment risks.  Our range of enclosures include those made from plastics such as ABS, Polycarbonate and Polyester. We also offer Fibreglass, Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and die-cast Aluminium.  All with a minimum IP rating of IP66. We also offer custom made enclosures in small production runs.



Motor control & Relays

We carry an extensive range of contactors, manual motor starters, soft staters and relays, manufactured in Europe by world leading manufacturers, Schrack, Conta-Clip, and Tele Haase. Meeting IEC standards, our relays, motor protection switches and contactors, are often used in applications, ranging from appliances, to HVAC, and industrial control systems.



We carry an extensive range of switches, ranging from electronics applications, through to industrial control and high current switching, footswitches, cam switches, rocker and toggle switches, for a multitude of applications. We also offer specialty items such as medical grade keyboards and military spec switches and control grips (joysticks).



German manufacturer, CONTA-CLIP, offers an extensive range of terminals, including high-quality standard terminal blocks and customized connection terminals. Regardless of whether you opt for the screw connection, tension-spring or pressure-spring technology – we provide terminals in various designs (such as feed-through terminals, double-level terminals and component terminals) with all wire-connect options.



Timers & Monitoring Relays

We offer an extensive range of monitoring relays from premium European manufacturers; Tele-Haase, Schrack, and Conta-Clip, to measure and monitor current, voltage, temperature, frequency, level, power factor and active power.  We also carry a large range of timers, and time clock control relays.


Transport Cases

We stock a comprehensive range of products including most of the 3i series of IP67 transport cases, 19” rack mount cases and 19” shock rack mount cases. Our SKB cases are sold to a diverse number of customers and are used for storing and transporting everything you can think of; IT equipment, tools, scientific instruments, spare parts, medical equipment, safety equipment, drones, remote control devices, sporting goods, camera equipment, and weapons.