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6mm Din Terminal Blue
Price: $1.50 AUD
Part Number : 17108.5


CONTA-CLIP offers an innovative line of feed-through and protective-earth terminals featuring the proven screw-connection system for cross-sections ranging all the way from 0.08 mm² to 120 mm². The screw-connection mechanism is easy to operate and can be used to establish a quick, safe connection using solid and flexible wires with or without wire-end ferrules. The protective-earth terminals feature a PE foot contact that is snapped on without screws, ensuring mechanical and electrical safety.

One of the most cutting-edge screw connection terminal systems currently available on the market, the CONTA-CLIP SRK series combines all crucial innovations in the field of electric terminal blocks and satisfies even the most demanding quality requirements regarding stability, safety and easy handling.

The series includes SRK feed-through terminals and SSL protective earth terminals in single and double level versions as well as SSIK fuse disconnect terminals. A very versatile range of accessories is available for all terminal types.


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