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SKB 19 inch 8 Unit Deep Shock Rack. 743mm Rack Depth
Price: $4,400.00 AUD
Sale Price : $1,700.00 AUD
Part Number : 3SKB-R908U28


28 inch Heavy Duty Shockrack systems include a revolutionary new patented Adjustable Rail Conversion System. This ARCS technology allows the user to adjust the rack width up to 0.5 inches on each side and optional easy-mount adapter rails will convert the equipment mounting standard from 3/16" threaded to 7/32" through holes or square cage nut windows. The 7/32" through hole option and the 3/16" threaded are special order items. Accommodates Dell and Compaq servers utilizing "Versa-rail" or "Rapid-rail" pull-out systems.

Square hole rack rails allow the use of replaceable 10-32 screw size cage nuts. Cage nuts and mounting screws are included and (6mm )metric cage nuts and mounting screws are available as a special order)..

This case has all of the same great features as the 24" deep Roto Shock Series. Standard features include: (patent pending) compound hinged doors, black powder coated stainless steel latches, removable 4" casters. The inner rack chassis is built of high strength / lightweight aluminum alloy and 11 gauge hot rolled carbon steel rack rails to DIA-310 standards. Shock and vibration mitigation is accomplished with eight (8) elastomeric isolators rated for a payload range of 40 lbs. to 150 lbs. in a standard configuration and up to 300 pounds in a special order extended payload configuration allowing adequate sway space for ambient air circulation and heat dissipation with black powder coated stainless steel latches, gasketed doors and pressure relief valve

  • Inside Width: 48.2cm

  • Inside Depth: 74.3cm
  • 8U Height: 35.6cm
  • Roto Moulded for strength and durability
  • Threaded Steel Rails and Aluminium Cross Components
  • Water resistant protection
  • Recessed, bumper protected latches

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