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3x10mm² + 3x2.5mm² earth Flexible EMC/VSD Power Cable with symmetrical earths. 0.6/1kV
Price: $18.30 AUD
Part Number : EMC4G10



VSD cables provide EMC protection to drives and motors. The tinned copper braid screen provides the highest level of screening, whilst the Class 5 copper conductors make for a very flexible cable, making it very easy to handle. Symetrical earth design on larger cables provide a better balanced cable, providing far better screening properties than traditional single earth designs.

Nominal Voltage: Flexing ≤ 1mm² 300/500V, ≥ 1.5mm² 450/750V - Fixed ≥ 1.5mm² 600/1000V

Temperature Range: Fixed: -40°C to +80°C

Conductor Stranding: Bare copper fine wire, Class 5

Minimum Braid Coverage: 80%

Insulation: PVC compound

Colour code: 3G Brown + Blue + G/Y   4G Red + White + Blue + G/Y     

Bending Radius: Flexing 20x cable Ø         
                              Fixed 6x cable Ø