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4 Pole Panel-mounted socket 17.5A 450V
Price: $19.95 AUD
Part Number : THB.387.D4A.Z


Our Techno TEEPLUG® TH387 Plug and Socket Connector, allows for the installation of electrical equipment to a high protection class, IP68. The IP68 connection is made quickly and safely without the use of cast resin, gel or heat shrink. The TH387 is additionally impressive by its small dimensions, that allow their use in the smallest of spaces. A threaded lock ring secures the mated connectors. A 4 way distributor is also available for quick branching of cables (cover any unused sockets with caps if not being used, and you can also use it as a 2 or 3 way distributor)

Landscaping, irrigation, lighting, pumping, and signage applications, are some of the toughest tests for electrical connectors. Often subjected to freezing temperatures, direct sunlight, heavy rain, and even full submersion in water, or buried underground, the connectors need to protect wiring year round, with no requirement for maintenance or repair.

The Tee range of waterproof products from Italian manufacturer, Techno, are ideally suited to these types of applications and many more. Techno connectors are re-useable, as they do not require gel, and accommodate a wide range of cable sizes.


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