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Emergency Light Test Relay
Price: $65.45 AUD
Part Number : ZR5RT011


The supply voltage U must be constantly to the device (green LED U/t illuminated). Pressing the integrated test key forces the output relay R to switch into on-position (yellow LED illuminated), so the emergency lights are disconnected from the mains and the set interval t begins (green LED U/t flashes). After the interval t has expired (green LED U/t illuminated), the output relay R switches into off-position (yellow LED not illuminated) and the emergency lights are reconnected to the mains.

During the interval, the test key can be operated any number of times. Prolonged pressure on the test key (>2s) aborts the running test interval (green LED U/t flashes fast) and a further cycle can be started.

For light loads greater than 16A, our Modular contactors can be used to increase switching capacity.