Fast. Safe. Very simple. Our KDSClick cable entry system is a cable management solution for switchgear cabinets, housings and machines that features secure seals and strain relief for pre-assembled and non-assembled cables – with or without connectors. KDSClick saves you time and provides you with maximum versatility.

KDSClick is based on just three basic components – frames, inlays and seals (inserts) – and operates on a simple modular design principle: unlike conventional systems that require the frame to be opened and then screwed closed again to insert the sealing sleeves, CONTA-CLIP has equipped KDSClick with a robust, one-piece plastic frame that is available in four sizes for 4, 6, 8 or 10 seals.

The one-piece plastic frame allows a fast and simple installation. The foamed gasket ensures IP66 ingress protection even with painted or rough surfaces. Creating frame openings in the desired size is easy using four simple partition, T-shaped, cross and double cross inlays that are inserted with a distinctive click sound. This way, the cable entry system is easily assembled for different cables, wires, tubes and pneumatic or hydraulic lines and also reduces storage costs due to fewer parts. .

In order to accommodate different numbers of wires and various wire diameters, CONTA-CLIP provides more than 80 different seals. They are conically tapered to be easily pushed into the previously inserted inlays from the inside. At the same time, the seals can be easily removed again, e.g. when new or additional wiring is necessary. This ensures comfortable changes to the wiring, even for single cables, without having to disassemble the frame. .

Single, double or quad seals as well as blind plugs provide maximum flexibility for cable management. The seals feature a wave cut to ensure an assembly-friendly, tightly fitting sheathing of the cable.

The system has a modular design, consisting of only three types of basic components: frames, inlays and sealing sleeves. Unlike conventional systems where the frame must be opened to insert the sealing sleeve and then screwed shut, CONTA-CLIP uses a dimensionally stable solution with a one-piece lightweight frame made from fibre-glass reinforced plastic.

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